Ich habe mein Bein gebrochen

“Stumbling outside in the grey morning light I came across a steep grassy slope, which I decided to descend as opposed to walking 2 minutes out of the way via a safe path. I don’t remember much about the exact time at which I snapped my leg, but I recall slipping weirdly, falling, and hearing a massive crack.”

Yes I have broken my leg. Idiotically you’ll be glad to know. After a lovely week holidaying on the Isle of Man and learning to scuba dive, I managed to top it off by fracturing my tibia, as you can see.

Spending all summer on the sofa is swings and roundabouts. Sure, I’ll miss my bike, my Rome marathon ambition in March is postponed for a year, and my new found love for diving will have to wait for 3 months. I do however get to catch up on my reading, music, and I’ll have a lot of time to devote to this new site of mine, meaning I’ll get to exercise another of my favourite things to do: designing.

So my loyal reader, you may enjoy a summer full of designed posts, and also a broken leg diary (soon) if you fancy a giggle.